This project is co-financed by the European Union and
the Republic of Turkey




Contemporary Theatrical Practices: Theatre Meets Territories

The research is carried out by the partner Form360 and the University of Salento. The topic is popular Turkish theatre in relation to Turkish contemporary theatre and culture. Research phases:
-the research group gets acquainted with Turkish traditional drama and its survival in contemporary Turkish drama; this phase is a desk research which will employ the librarian resources of Fondo D’Amico (University of Salento), a prestigious collection on theatre, including rare publications from all over the world;
-a socio-anthropological field research is carried out in Turkey (that will be video documented); the aim is explore theatre as a form of preservation of cross-national cultural identities;
-a book on the research will be published (in English and Turkish), which will form complementary material of both the research and the educational activities that will be carried out in the Summer School
-an international seminar will take place during the Summer School, according to the acquired knowledge in the field and desk research activities.
The materials collected in the research will permit to enrich the artistic activities, the research being an integral part of the whole artistic programme, and will allow to develop a new consciousness and a new approach to “old” problems, namely exploring the interrelation between the syncretic complex tradition of Turkish theatre and contemporary age theatrical forms.